Thursday, August 25, 2011

The art of online shopping

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I love online shopping.  There are no crazy lines and you can get great deals online. There is no need for customer service but if you need help, most of the online help centers are great and for your troubles they usually give you an extra something off or free shipping.

Here are the things I learned about making online shopping work for my family.
  • Shipping/return - Never pay for shipping and returns.  
Here is how:
Most stores have free shipping after if you buy $X amount of dollars.  For example, Macys has free shipping if you buy over $99.  I always buy $99 worth of stuff and something half the items are stuff I plan to return.  Since Macy's is nearby I can make an easy return and keep what I want.  This brings me to my second point.  Looking at the return policy.  If you can return at the retail store then buy away.
Here are stores that you can shop online that also have store returns.

Babiesrus (for most items)
Old Navy/ Gap

Of course there are many others.  Some online stores like amazon has free shipping on returns for some items, especially baby stuff.
  • Always google for discount codes and promotional codes.  
Here is an example:
If you are a Kohls card holder, almost once a month Kohls has their (15,20,30% off sale) and they always have free shipping code.   I love this sale because I can usually get a code for 30% off their clerance items and must have things I need.  Recently I bought this.  I needed it and most stores had it for around $12.  I used my 30% code plus free shipping code to get it for $7
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  • stay loyal to a few stores.  
If you shop the same stores all the time, you will learn the store cycles and sales.  You will see how the retail store works and even how their online sales are.   When you stick to a few stores, you can get those store credit cards which makes returns easy.  If you have no receipt, they can look up the item off your card. Some have loyality discounts.  Amazon has loyality discounts they send you directly to your email.  They also have perks like free "Prime Shipping"

Hope these tips help.  Let me know if you have an other tips.


  1. Good to see this Blog thanks for sharing this

  2. thanks Mike! Glad it helped. Let me know if I can help you with codes or if you have any questions