Monday, July 25, 2011

Savings for new moms - Sites to sign up for and other information

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Big Pack Size Newborn 84 Count
This is a post I'll keep editing as I remember more things but recently someone asked me "What are some ways to keep the cost down for a newborn?'
Here are things that worked for us with our little one.

buy them from Amazon with subscribe and save.  Check out subscribe and save for other baby items too...
Diaper points:
Sign up to redeem points with whatever company you are loyal to.
Pampers has gift to grow.  With all the diapers we have brought I got a free potty, free announcement cards and other prints from Shutterfly.  Here is a bunch of codes if you are just starting pampers gift to grow.
Huggies does rewards too

again sign up for all their promotional things and you will get formula checks. 
Similac Strong Mom
Good Start

Baby food:
sign up for coupons from all the major brands:
Earth's best

Fun Freebies to look out for:
April- Gerber contest & Parent magazine cover shoot contest

Other ways to save:

"Like" companies on facebook and sometimes they have coupons and free items to give away.

Recycle bank  I love this site because they educate you on being green with daily activities and you can earn point to get gift cards and their daily deals get you coupons mailed to your house to try "free baby food."

These are all great things you can do when the baby is napping and you can't sleep =)

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